Fall 2017 and Beyond!

Looking far ahead into Fall 2017 plans and beyond? So are we!

Our State Story Problem Challenge (an Algebra Challenge event) is a project we would like to expand so that every student around the world may take part if they want to! We are interested in partnering with organizations that can publicize and run Algebra Challenges on a state and country-wide level. If you believe you are in a position to do this, please contact us!

When you participate in an Algebra Challenge event, you're joining the thousands of students around the world who have been enjoying our challenges since 2013.

Our Goals:

  • Create excitement and enthusiasm about math for students of all ages!
  • Maximize accessibility of pre-algebra concepts to young students.
  • Improve curriculum specialization in order to enable every student in the classroom to achieve mastery, not just a subset.
  • Provide access to current and future learning tools from the University of Washington Center for Game Science.
  • Come together as a community to create incredible progress in math learning, building on our previous successful Algebra Challenges.