Common Questions

When is the challenge?

October 24 - October 28, 2016. For more information, try our about page. It has a lot more information.

Where do I register?

Right here.

I took part last year, do I use the same login?

Unfortunately we don't carry over accounts from year to year. It's something we want to do but in the meantime you'll need to make a new account.

Where do I get a class code?

You get to pick that when you set up your class!

Private school or home school?

If you're located in Washington state, choose your nearest school district and type in your school as normal!

Out of Washington state and still interested in participating?

Not a problem. Choose your state, and it will pop up fields requesting zip code and school name. This helps us figure out where you're from and if there's enough interest, consider adding a challenge specifically for your state or geographical area!

How far in advance can I set up my classroom information?

We have a very big registration window to give you all the time you need to log in, get set up, and of course, ask us any questions you need before the challenge starts.

Can I import the data from a spreadsheet?

Not yet! We know it's something our teachers have been asking for, though.

I forgot my Copilot login information.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, select “forgot password” from the login screen. Supplying your e-mail address will send you your user name and a link to reset your password.

How do I create a classroom?

After signing in, the first screen lists your classes (blank if your first time). On the right side of this screen is a “Manage” button. Clicking on this will bring up the Manager screen. From here, clicking on the “+ Add Class” on the left, will prompt you for a class name, class code, and an optional grade level.

Note that “average grade level” of the class is helpful for reporting purposes but is not used by the game.

You can also watch a video about it here.

How do I delete a classroom?

To delete a class simply click on the class from the Manager screen and then click the trashcan to the right of the grade.

I have a class with multiple grade levels. How should I organize my students?

For the purposes of this Algebra Challenge, grade level is not being used in any particular way. When creating a class, simply pick what you feel is the average grade level of your class as a whole. Since you can only run one class at a given time, it’s important that everyone who will be in the room at the same time is organized in the same class.

How do I add/remove a student from a classroom?

If you decide to add students yourself, you first add them on the Manager Screen. Clicking on “+ Add Student” button on the top right will prompt you for first name, last name, and a username. As you add each student they will appear in the “All Tab” immediately above the input form.

Note: You do NOT have to set up the student accounts yourself. As long as you have a class with a class code, the student can add themselves when you first start a lesson.

Once you have students listed on the right. Select the class you want from the left side of the screen. Using the arrow button, you can move students into this class. If you have a large number of students already, you may want to click on the “Unassigned” tab at the top of the screen to help you only move those who are not yet in a class.