All About Your Copilot


Our Story Problem Challenges feature a free and innovative teacher tool that allows instructors to view real-time student gameplay data and helps them remove key misconceptions at the group and individual level. During the challenge, the live dashboard in the Teacher Copilot provids feedback in two ways by showing both progress (number of problems attempted) and proficiency (correctness of problems attempted). The cumulative dashboard shows number of problems solved of each type and total time spent on task.

Technical Requirements

Riddle Books and the Teacher Copilot are completely free, and will work on any recent web browser. Any class with access to a PC, Mac or Chromebook can participate in the challenge. You will also want to make sure you have Flash Player 11 (or greater).

Helpful Videos Using Copilot

Adding students to a class

Getting your class activity running


Ease of Set-up
No Passwords or e-mails required by students
Teacher Scaffolding (Lesson Plans)
Common Core alignment, Games and Lessons state focus standards
Student Pairing/Grouping
Real-time feedback
Teacher ability to pause game remotely

Using the Copilot

Common issues with Copilot

What do I do on day one?

* Log in using your name and password. Pick the class.
* Give your students the website and the class code. If they are setting up their own accounts, tell them to look for the “click here” button in the upper right and give any guidelines about appropriate names or user names. If you have already set up accounts, tell them to find their name in the list.

I can't see my students!

This happens in two cases, the first one being you haven't put your students into a class! The setup page will help you here, most likely.

The second, and more rare case is probably due to a communication error between client and server. Logging out and logging back in should solve this problem. If it does not, then we need to know about it. Feel free to include any helpful details you can think of right away in your first email, like browser and version, as well as your account name (but not your password) so we can look into your issue here while you're focusing on other things!

My students can't find their name!

If the student account already exists, then a page refresh should solve the problem. If the student account does not exist, then students can create a new account by clicking on “Can’t find you? Click here” link in the top right corner. It is strongly advisable that you (the teacher) create the accounts ahead of time for your students if you are able to help avoid this problem.

Can I pause the students?

Yes! Clicking pause from the dashboard will temporarily pause the students.

I forgot some of the game controls.

While in the middle of a level, click on the yellow gear at the bottom left to open up the main menu. One of the options in the menu is named “Help”, open it and click on the “Controls” button to see the list of controls that you may need to solve the problem.

How do I read the dashboard?

The best use of the dashboard is to find students who seem to be lagging behind the majority of the class and make sure they are engaged. The other students to look for are ones with LOTS of RED. Some red is to be expected but lots of red indicates the student is frustrated, not understanding the problem, not understanding the game, or possibly just goofing around.

The Green and Red squares indicate individually right and wrong submissions. As Riddle Books is very puzzle-y, it is expected that the students will experiment and make a reasonable number or errors. If done perfectly, a problem will consist of two green squares (one for the model and one for the equation) contained in a green rectangle. If done slightly less perfectly, a problem will consist of a mixture of red and green squares and the rectangle will have a “color average” ranging from solid red to orange, yellow, light green, and finally to dark green.

Clicking on a problem square will also bring up detailed info on the student's work on that problem.

Why do some of the rectangles on the dashboard contain more than two green squares?

Those would be tutorials. After each successful level, a student gets a short tutorial consisting of 3 to 6 screens.

What if the dashboard doesn’t seem to be updating?

Clicking on the “Back to lesson” button will hide the dashboard. Clicking on the “Exercise in Progress” button or the “Show Dashboard” button (upper right drop-down) will usually refresh the update process. Refreshing the browser itself would also probably work but not recommended.

How do I end the exercise when we're done with the challenge?

During the challenge, only the pause/resume buttons are available. The challenge ends automatically on Friday. If you want to make sure students have stopped playing, you can pause the exercise and leave it like that. But if you don't, that's fine too.

What happens when I log out of the copilot? Can students still play?

Logging out of Copilot should not prevent students from playing! You don't need to do anything extra.

I’m getting lots of blanks on the dashboard for one student, what does that mean?

It means they are skipping problems without attempting them.

Some of my students have extended beyond the right side of the dashboard?

First, make sure you have tried to scroll all the way to right. We think we’ve provided enough space for the average student during 45 minutes of play. However it is possible they have exceeded the available space. You have two choices: 1) Not worry about it – a student who has gotten this far probably doesn’t need any monitoring. 2) Stop the exercise and then start it again. This will give you a fresh dashboard going forward. If you choose this route, you may want to make note of any students who have fallen behind before you do so.

How long is data available after the challenge?

The leaderboard is usually available for a week or so after the challenge ends, but honestly could go down any time after the challenge has stopped (we'll try to warn you first on our social media channels). Please take those screenshots as soon as you can after the challenge ends for bragging rights and your own blog, social media and newsletter posts!

Also please note for this challenge, there is no way for teachers to get historical data for their students once the challenge is complete. We know it is a feature a number of teachers have been asking for but were unable to make it available in time for this challenge.