All About the Fall Challenge

Is this a Story Problem Challenge or an Algebra Challenge? Can you explain the difference?

This challenge is a "Story Problem Challenge”. A Story Problem Challenge is part of the Algebra Challenge family of math events and focuses totally on Riddle Books! Our goal is to bring pre-algebra concepts to all classrooms, regardless of current math or reading level! You can read more about Algebra Challenges here.

What are the exact dates and times of the challenge?

Monday, October 24, 8AM Pacific Time: Challenge Starts!
Friday, October 28, 5PM Pacific Time: Challenge Ends!

What is the recommended grade/age range for this challenge?

Riddle Books is presently optimized for grades 3 - 7 (there's a little wiggle room on either end depending on math and/or reading skill of your students).

What do I need to know about signing up?

The Copilot system allows you to easily set up a class. The class code assigned to the class is how the students will connect to you. You get to decide if you want to set up their accounts for them or the students create the accounts themselves. At no point is any personal information required from the students. The system only needs a unique user name for your class – first and last name is asked as a convenience for you but is never used elsewhere. Check out our walk through and get more help here.

How big do teams need to be? Can I sign up individually or as a home school student?

All you need is one student to form a "class". Sign up works in the same way as a "standard" classroom. You ("the teacher") would sign up the class, and provide the "class code" to the student(s), start the class "session" through the teacher tool when the challenge begins, and then the students can log in at any time during the week to play. Check out our walk through here.

What happens if I sign up right on October 3? Will I get an automatic reminder on day 1 (October 24)?

We are planning on it! Some of our feedback from previous challenges indicate that it's an appreciated touch. You may also receive a follow up email with a survey following the challenge, and most likely once before each new challenge in your geographical area so you can sign up and participate.

How do I know if the Copilot and Riddle Books are compatible with my computer?

They probably are: Riddle Books and the Teacher Copilot are completely free, and will work on any recent web browser. Any class with access to a PC, Mac or Chromebook can participate in the challenge. Please note - while Riddle Books may work on some Microsoft Surface tablets, the software is not currently compatible with iPads.

Is Riddle Books Common Core compatible? How so?

Riddle Books teaches Common Core-aligned pre-algebra concepts via story problems in a friendly game-based environment. You can read more about it on this page and see sample problem types.

Can students play at home?

Sure! Students should be able to use the same link and class code to play from home. After your very first class session, students can log in from home. If a student logs in from home and forgets to logout then they will not be able to log in again from anywhere until they logout from home, so please encourage your class to play at home, but also to log out when they are done so they can play in class, too!