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It's time to get ready for our newest challenge!

* Riddle Books is best suited for grades 3 - 7, with a little wiggle room on either end depending on reading and math skill. You can try a demo of the game right now!
* During this fall challenge you will use the teacher copilot software to help manage your team and Riddle Books to play!

Students of all levels and grades with an interest in math are welcome! Private schools, home school groups and math clubs are also invited. There is no limit to how much time each student can use to play during this period. Take as much time you need; this is not a race!

About Algebra Challenge

Improve curriculum specialization in order to enable every student in the classroom to achieve mastery, not just a subset.

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The Software

Free Riddle Books and Teacher Copilot software work on any recent web browser. If you can access a PC, Mac or Chromebook - you're set!

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Get Involved!

We are interested in partnering with organizations that can publicize and help us run Algebra Challenges in areas all over the world. Will you help?

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