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It's not too late for your class or student to sign up and participate. Simply visit the teachers registration page. It is also the same page you use to log in. Students, just click on Riddle Books mascot Taco above to log in, or use the menu link above.

Ready to get started and have your students set up? This page can help you with ideas and suggestions. This page has tips if you need to setup first. Remember: Teachers/Instructors, you pick your class code when you sign up! Make it easy to remember!

Please visit our help section, it's extensive and covers a lot of what you need to know for this challenge! It also has Riddle Book hints and tips. You can also contact us during the week at our help email, and we'll get to you as fast as we can during business hours. Interested in future challenges? Why not sign up for our newsletter?

Enjoy your Fall Story Problem Challenge!

About Algebra Challenge

Improve curriculum specialization in order to enable every student in the classroom to achieve mastery, not just a subset.

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Free Riddle Books and Teacher Copilot software work on any recent web browser. If you can access a PC, Mac or Chromebook - you're set!

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